Easy job bidding and costing for construction contractors.

ProfitDig construction bidding software makes it easy for contractors to crank out job bids in record time and track your job costs in real time down to the line item.

Easy job bidding

Bids in ProfitDig are constructed from preconfigured bid items. Once you have the system set up, it is a breaze to create new bids or clone old bids. Tweak on your numbers all day until you have it just right. Your finished bid will look slick and professional.

Track your expenses

As you create your job bid, you are also creating your project budget. Record your expenses in real time in ProfitDig and you will always know where you stand from a cost standpoint.

Make more money

ProfitDig lets you track your job costs in real time. When the job is done, you will know exactly where you made money and where you lost money. Use that information to bid more effectively on future jobs to increase your profit margins.

ProfitDig is the most user friendly construction bidding software

Easy to Use

Construction contractor bidding software packages tend to be so difficult to use that you have to invest very large amounts of time into learning to use them, and you are often even required to take classes! ProfitDig is an easy to use, online solution. The program is designed to allow even the most non-computer savvy user to get up to speed in no time, using step-by-step procedures that guide you through everything you need to do.

Jobsite Cost Entry

Foremen in the field update man hours, equipment information, and costs. Forget about filling out paperwork, and then having someone back at the office enter that information into a computer. Now you can have accurate, real time cost recording from the jobsite.

Construction job costing
real-time construction job costing

Real Time Data

Since ProfitDig is an online solution, your data is stored on a server, updated in real time. The minute one of your foremen records a timesheet or expense, that information is automatically available to you. Take the mystery out of construction project management and find out how you’re really doing!

Quick Bidding

Our system allows you to set up your standard bid items, employees, and equipment in advance, which greatly reduce the time needed to set up a bid. Enter your personnel and equipment in the system one time, and from then on it is one click to add any of that information to a bid, or to a job to track.

Create More Bids, Faster!
Construction Estimating Software - ProfitDig

Bid to Budget

No need to use separate applications to create bids and track costs. ProfitDig does it all!

No Contract. No Setup Fees. No Training Required. No Worries.

You can cancel your subscription any time.
Cloud-based. Use it anywhere you have Internet access.

Never lose
your data.

All of your project data is stored on our servers, and even if you cancel your account and come back later, your data will still be there!

ProfitDig Plans

Start creating pro quality job bids and tracking your costs with ProfitDig today.
Upgrade for additional users as you grow. Cancel any time and come back later (your data will still be there).

No contract.

Cancel any time.

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