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Country boys from Tennessee with a dream.



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About Us

Built for dirt men by dirt men.

Our Mission

We help construction companies be more successful by providing easy-to-use, affordable tools to win more bids and track job costs

When ProfitDig founder Jeff Spencer approached his long-time friends Jerry and Chris Work on July 4th, 2011, the guys all thought “Wow! What a great idea! We can’t believe nobody has done this yet!”

Ten years, thousands of labor hours and tens of thousands of dollars later…now we see why nobody had done it yet. Because it’s hard!

But you can’t keep a bunch of ol’ country boys down. We launched version 1.0 of the application…signed up a bunch of customers…lost a bunch of customers…but along the way we kept at it, and we now have ProfitDig version 2.0, which we believe is going to take the construction industry by storm.

ProfitDig is an online application that combines project estimating and costing. It is not a program that you install on a computer. Rather, it is accessed from any Internet-enabled device anywhere there is Internet access.

With ProfitDig, we believe we have removed the barriers that have made it so difficult for small operators to manage their bids and jobs via software. As you create a job bid, your budget is created automatically. You or your men in the field can then record costs against your job in real time.

We are a small company based in Dickson, Tennessee. Our founders include a professional construction estimator, computer programmers and website designers. Throughout the development process, we consulted with construction industry professionals. Our first beta test user has successfully built his own construction company from scratch using our product.

So we invite you to try ProfitDig today. Your data is saved in our system forever, so even if you start with us and then quit, if you decide you want to come back, your information will still be there. Let’s grow together.

Our Team

Jeff Spencer

Professional Estimator, Former Construction Company Owner, and Partner in ProfitDig. ProfitDig is really Jeff’s baby. He had the idea after getting fed up with how difficult (and expensive) the industry standard job bidding software was to use. He envisioned an online application that could be used anywhere there is Internet access that would be easy to use and affordable for anyone.

Chris Work

Professional Internet marketer and entrepreneur, Partner in ProfitDig. Chris is also Jeff Spencer’s brother-in-law. He has played an integral part in managing and marketing the company.

Jerry Work

Professional Internet marketer and website developer. Partner in ProfitDig. Jerry is Chris’s brother and has known Jeff for nearly 40 years. He is actively involved in the marketing side of the business.

Jeff Givens

Lead Developer. Partner in ProfitDig. Jeff is one of those smart guys who understands computer programming. He also wears a tie, but we don’t hold that against him. He’s bringing some class to the joint.

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