Product Features

Easy job bidding, costing and reporting

  • Cloud-based, Mobile Friendly Solution

    Anywhere you have Internet access, you and your managers have access to all of your information. At the office, on the job, or on vacation, all of the up-to-the-minute information about your jobs is at your fingerprints.

  • Easy to Use

    Construction job bidding software packages tend to be so difficult to use that you have to invest very large amounts of time into learning to use them, and you are often even required to take classes! ProfitDig is an easy to use, online solution. The program is designed to allow even the most non-computer saavy use to get up to speed in no time, using step-by-step procedures that guide you through everything you need to do.


  • Jobsite Cost Entry

    Foremen in the field update man hours, equipment information, and costs. Forget about filling out paperwork, and then having someone back at the office enter that information into a computer. Now you can have accurate, real time cost recording from the jobsite.


  • Real Time Data

    Since ProfitDig is an online solution, your data is stored on a server, updated in real time. The minute one of your foremen records a timesheet or expense, that information is automatically available to you. Take the mystery out of construction project management and find out how you’re really doing!


  • One Program to Bid and Cost

    Set up your job bids and track costs from one solution. Once a bid is approved, all of the information is already set up in the system for you to start tracking expenses. No longer is it necessary to spend thousands of dollars upfront for two different desktop programs – ProfitDig takes care of it all for you.


  • Quick Bidding

    Our system allows you to set up your standard bid items, employees, and equipment in advance, which greatly reduce the time needed to set up a bid. Enter your personnel and equipment in the system one time, and from then on it is one click to add any of that information to a bid, or to a job to track.


  • Accurate Job Costing

    Using ProfitDig, you will know exactly how much money you are making or losing on every job. In real time. We’re taking the guesswork out of job bidding and costing and giving you the power to accurately track your costs.


  • Easy Overtime Tracking

    Just tell the program what day of the week your workweek starts on, and it will tell you when your guys are entering overtime and will begin recording their time at a higher rate. Overtime tracking is critically important for accurately measuring the profitability of your projects.


  • Affordable

    ProfitDig is a low cost, no obligation monthly service. You can now compete with the big guys who spend tens of thousands of dollars on software…and you can do it better!


  • Flexibility

    Whether you are a one man operation or a company with hundreds of employees, ProfitDig gives you the flexibility to disburse responsibility to your employees to record employee time, equipment hours and costs, or you can do it all yourself.

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