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Hiring the Right Personnel

Nov 5, 2019 | Hiring, Blog, Finances, Management

I want to talk about the importance of choosing the right personnel for your construction company and managing your expenses. These are two things that will have a major impact on the success of your business.

There’s nothing that will give you a bad rep any quickr than having someone onsite doing a project in your name who doesn’t know what he’s doing or doesn’t understand what the job is. That kind of thing will give you a bad name right off the start. You must hire people who are highly qualified for the work they do on behalf of your company.

So it’s always important – make sure that you hire qualified people for the fields you need them to work in.  Temporary employment agencies – they’re okay for labor work – but when it comes to skilled labor, you need to find someone who you know is skilled in the specific trade you need him for.

For everything else, always be checking prices.

Constantly check fuel prices. Find out where you can get the best fuel rates. Every six months, get fresh insurance rates. Always try to make sure that your insurance company is giving you the best deal. It always happens – you get in with someone with a low rate, and then as time goes on, you steadily gravitate towards a higher rate or higher policy. Then it costs you more money. Don’t be afraid to jump ship or swap insurance companies midstream. It’s all about saving money and making money.

Look for ways to run your office more efficiently. Keep your overhead to a minimum. Use a product like ProfitDig that makes it easier to manage your business and make it more self-sufficient, instead of just hiring another person.

It boils down to this…spend your money on hiring the best skilled workers you can find, and look for ways to save money everywhere else.

One way to save money is with ProfitDig…an easy-to-use, no contract monthly service for managing bids and job costs from any Internet-enabled device. Am I biased? Sure. But that’s because if I had had something like ProfitDig when I was running my company, we would not have gone out of business.

So hire the best guys you can find. Watch your money. Believe in yourself. Use ProfitDig to create job bids and track your costs.

It ain’t rocket science. But if it was easy…everybody’d be doing it. Now get to work!