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What Is Hard Bid Estimating?

Apr 18, 2022 | Job Bidding, Blog

The hard bid estimating process is a widely used method of estimating construction costs and time. The process involves listing the various items that go into the building, such as labor and materials, and calculating their total cost. A hard bid is a rough estimate of construction cost. In other words, it is a starting point for negotiations between contractors and their clients.

The cost of construction is the sum of the cost of all materials, labor, and overhead. The difference between the cost of construction and the amount paid by a customer is known as profit. Profit can be used to determine if a project is profitable or not. Hard bid estimates are usually made to determine if a project would be profitable or not. If it is profitable, a contractor will be given the job. If it isn’t, another company will be given the job.

Hard bid estimating is used in many different types of construction projects. Jobs that will require hard bid estimates include building construction, remodeling, home improvement, and renovation projects. Hard bid estimates are also used in many different industries such as commercial and residential building construction and maintenance and highway construction and maintenance projects.

Calculating hard bids for a project can take place over several days or weeks, depending on how complicated the job is. This can be difficult for some people because it takes time to research all of the items in a building project. Some companies use software to calculate hard bids for them instead of doing it themselves to speed up this process.