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Major ProfitDig Improvements that Will Make Your Life Easier

Nov 18, 2020 | Job Bidding, Blog, Finances, Management, ProfitDig Updates

Here are some of the major recent upgrades to the ProfitDig system that will save you time and make your job easier:

  • Project Manager viewing restrictions. There was some concern from larger companies that Project Managers had too much visibility on employee hourly rates/salaries. The company owners do not want all Project Managers to know what the other Project Managers and their employees make. So we’ve implemented some changes to hide Project Manager visibility on labor rates. Project Managers who are not set up as Admins cannot add or manage Employees or Employee Classifications. If a PM needs an employee created/added, he will need to contact one of their company Admins.
  • New awarded project P&L report. This report gives a breakdown of profit and loss on all awarded projects currently being costed against.
  • Contractor license number. The contractor license can now be added for your company. This can be added during registration, or for existing users, this can be updated by going to your name in the top right corner and choosing “Company” and editing the Company Information to include the new number.
  • Materials management. Companies can now create preconfigured Materials. Materials can be generated with a name, unit, unit price (optional), verification date, and reminder days. The reminder days and verification date are there to notify you if you have not validated the pricing on materials in a while. By default we will set this to a minimum of 365 days, but you can make this as tight as you want. The idea is that you don’t get complacent in checking the cost of your materials and get burned by losing money by ignoring this.

    Materials will also display which “material groups” (see below) they have been added to as well.. Once materials have been created, they can be added to bid line items by using a dropdown selector, and all the saved information necessary for the bid will be automatically filled in for you. This should ease the manual entry process of creating line items for a bid. Materials can still be added to bid line items in the old way as well.
  • Material Groups. Companies can now create “Material Groups.” This is accessible on the sidebar to the left. Any materials you have created can be assigned to any number of groups. When you’re adding bid line items, you can now select a “material group” from a dropdown selector, and this will populate all associated materials to that line item. You can then edit whatever fields you’d like or remove individual materials that get put on the page. Hopefully this will also help reduce some of the difficulty in entering materials to a bid line item. If a group is deleted, it will not delete any of your materials. It simply deletes the association of those materials with the group.
  • Materials Dropdown Selector. In the Project -> Bid -> Details -> Add pages, when adding an individual material to a project bid item, you can now also select from your Materials (before, it was manual entry only).
  • WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Editors. For Acceptance, Scope of Work, and Exclusions/Qualifications, now you can create more rich fields with some text formatting. This is to give you some freedom in the presentation of your text on the bids. These WYSIWYG editors are available during Bid creation, as well as when editing those particular items inside your project bid.