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How Much Does a Construction Foreman Make

Apr 6, 2022 | Management, Blog, Hiring

A construction foreman ensures that everything runs well on a project site. They act as a bridge between the supervisors and the workers. A foreman’s primary responsibilities are scheduling projects, quality control, and monitoring the project’s progress. Becoming a construction foreman only requires a high school diploma. But most foremen have many years of experience in the construction industry. The salary ranges for a construction foreman vary greatly depending on a variety of things. They include certifications, education, experience level and supplementary talents. Read on to determine “how much does a construction foreman make.”

As of February 25, 2022, the average salary of a construction foreman in the United States is $80,581. Typically, the range is between $71,755 to $89, 676. Most construction foremen make an average salary of $34.35 per hour. Those in the top 10% of the annual income earn more than $106,900 a year. Foremen in the bottom ten percent earn as little as $42,730. Half of the construction foremen population earn between $53,400 and $85,540 each year.

Construction foremen work in a variety of sectors within the construction sector. As a result, the profession they select also determines their earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, foremen in the residential building construction industry earn averagely $67, 640. However, those in the commercial building construction industry earn an average of $75,210.

Construction foremen working under building equipment contractors earn an average annual salary of $ 76,730. On the other hand, foremen employed by structure, foundation and building exterior contractors, make averagely $66,460 annually. The construction foremen average salary in bridge construction and highway street is averagely $73,060. Those foreman in the utility construction sector make averagely $70,420.

There are some cities in the U.S. where the construction foreman average salary is higher than the national average. New York City is topping the list being a highly active job market for the construction foremen. How much does a construction foreman make in New York? They make an average annual salary of $89,290.

Construction foremen in Massachusetts follow the lead, making averagely $87,950 annually. Washington is another great state for the construction foremen. They earn an annual average salary of $86,140. Texas also provides greater job opportunities for many construction foremen. The average annual foreman income is $68,170. When comparing location and the construction foreman average salary, the prospect of cheaper cost of living plays a vital role.

How much does a construction foreman make on average? Their salary varies based on several factors including the location, career specialization, etc. construction foremen with several years of practice in their chosen field are more likely to get promotion to new supervisory roles. Their salaries also increase as you climb up the professional ladder.